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Volunteer Program

Volunteers are a vital part of Twin Lakes Hospice, Inc. They are the backbone of the hospice team. They allow hospice to provide services it otherwise could not offer, such as:

  • Caregiver Relief
  • Fund Raising
  • Listening to concerns
  • Answering Phones
  • Keeping the patient company
  • Baking and sewing projects
  • Providing another link to the hospice staff
  • Gardening
  • Extra person supplying support to patient and family
  • Pet Visits
  • Assisting patient with chores around the house
  • Events
  • Running simple errands
  • Clerical Work

Volunteers Serve In Many Ways!

Twin Lakes Hospice, Inc. has 7 categories that Volunteers may apply for:

  • Direct Contact Volunteer– training to work with patients and their families.
  • Special Projects Volunteer – does not require patient contact.
  • Direct Contact Special Projects – patient contact for hair cuts, pet visits, gardening, etc.
  • Bereavement Volunteers – additional training to work with families after patients death.
  • 11th Hour Angels – additional training to work with families as death approaches.
  • Inactive Volunteers – Currently not participating, but are welcome to attend in-services, functions, and receive our newsletter.

There’s A Lot To Be Gained From Being A Hospice Volunteer!

  • Satisfaction, from making a difference.
  • Greater self-knowledge from insights gained from relationships with patients and families.
  • Spiritual growth from supporting a person through the process of dying.

One thing all hospice volunteers have in common is a true desire to help. It’s important for volunteers to be:

  • Caring
  • Emotionally mature
  • Comfortable talking about death and dying
  • Committed

What is a Hospice Volunteer?

  • A hospice volunteer is a person with a profound respect for the philosophy of hospice care.
  • A hospice volunteer is someone willing to “make a difference” at a very difficult time.
  • A hospice volunteer is someone who can stay awake at night so that a tired family member can get some sleep.
  • A hospice volunteer is a person willing to wash the dishes, vacuum the rug, help with the laundry, pick up groceries, cook a meal, sit with the children, or take the dog for a walk.
  • A hospice volunteer is a person who knocks at the door in spite of fearing the unknown.
  • A hospice volunteer is someone who can bare with strongly expressed emotions without judging the person struggling to deal with those emotions.
  • A hospice volunteer is someone who can wear a number of hats. Pray with someone, play a game of Scrabble, listen to the same story over and over, sit in silence, touch, or just be there.
  • A hospice volunteer is a person who affirms life in the face of suffering and death.
  • A hospice volunteer is a person who can bare the burdens of others without being overcome by the situation.
  • A hospice volunteer is someone who can remain calm in a crisis.
  • A hospice volunteer is someone who can say “I will be there”, and mean it.
  • A hospice volunteer is a person who our patients and their families can learn to depend on and trust.


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    Medicare Certified & Free-Standing

    We are Medicare Certified, so you don't have to worry about your loved one's care being covered.


    We focus on patients, not profits. The need of the patient and family members dictate what we do, not the need to be profitable.

    Service Area

    Twin Lakes Hospice was established in 1985 and serves all of Benton and Henry and St Clair counties and portions of Bates, Cass, Pettis, Johnson, and Hickory counties.  

    Central Office

    Our central office is located in Clinton at 725 E. Ohio Street.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. There is a nurse on call after hours and on weekends for patient emergencies. 

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